Vaporize Facts and Myths

Health Benefits of Vaporization

Vaporization produces no combustion byproducts such as carbon monoxide, tar or other carcinogenic elements. Vapor is considerably cooler than smoke and less likely to damage lung tissue.

Vaporization provides a purer, more concentrated effect and requires less of the substance than if smoked or ingested.

The substance is not degraded by digestive acids before entering the blood. There are no fillers or buffers as with pills.

Vaporization acts quickly. The substance enters bloodstream more quickly than most methods.There is no danger of contaminated needles as in injections.

Digital precision and the rapid onset of effect help to establish an exact dose specific to each user.

Vaporization of Herbs

The vapors released from herbs such as, Eucalyptus, Chamomile, Lavender, and Sage offer natural alternatives to several common ailments. Included below is a list of the most popular herbal blends and their functions. » Learn More Mens Health Herbal Remedies


Before You Vaporize
Macro photography of a hop cone before vaporization
Vapor Bag One
Macro photography of a hop cone after the first passage of hot air. A part of the aroma and ingredients have vaporized, but the largest part still remains
Vapor Bag Three
Macro photography of a hop cone after several passages of hot air (balloon fillings) through the Volcano. The desired ingredients have vaporized leaving only the unburned fibrous material

Herbal Blends


  • 3 Parts Chamomile
  • 1 Part Wild Lettuce
  • 1 Part Valerian
  • 1 Part Lavender ENERGY
  • 1 Part Eucalyptus
  • 1 Part Mint
  • 1 Part Ephedra
  • 1 Part Ground Guarana ASTHMA
  • 6 Parts Lavender
  • 2 Parts Hyssop
  • 2 Parts Spearmint COUGH
  • 3 Parts Lavender
  • 2 Pats Thyme
  • 2 Parts Eucalyptus HEADACHE
  • 6 Parts Lavender
  • 4 Parts Marjoram
  • 2 Parts Peppermint VITALITY
  • 8 Parts Peppermint
  • 7 Parts Rosemary
  • 5 Parts Orange
  • 3 Parts Grapefruit
  • 3 Parts Lemongrass

Vaporization vs Traditional Methods

Vaporization as a delivery method is vastly superior to smoking. Smoking or (using combustion) requires the user to inhale several harmful toxic tars and carcinogens into the body. Digestion is another viable alternative to vaporization. However, this process is extremely slow and sometimes painstaking as well. It is a proven fact that vapors travel through the body and bloodstream with greater efficiency.

The potential impact of digital vaporization is enormous. On a consumer level, over the next few years, digital vaporization will revolutionize both the aromatherapy and smoking cessation industries. On a pharmaceutical level, medical vaporization will significantly enhance the industries of delivery, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, biotech, and defense. Future generations will marvel at our barbaric practices of inhaling smoke and piercing our skin to receive medication.


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