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Vape Box | A Monthly eJuice Subscription Service Review

Vape box is an e-juice subscription service, which means they send you a selection of e-liquids from the best brands based on your input. This can be especially useful for new vapers who have never picked out e-juices before and are unsure of what to choose. Moreover, you avoid the difficulty of shopping around separately at various companies.

This also means that you can try out a variety of e-liquids for a lesser price than you’d have to pay if you ordered multiple e-juices directly from different brands. And not to mention the multiple shipping costs. However, the important downside is that you might end up getting some e-juice flavors that you don’t like and will never use.

What Does Vape box Offer?

Vape box sends out e-liquids to their subscribed customers each month. There are three options for box size: three, six, or eleven bottles. In the questionnaire, you can select your relative experience as a vapor and flavor preferences.

The company is quickly becoming one of the most popular vape liquid providers in the United States, as well as internationally. In addition to their e-liquids, they also have a wide range of vape apparels.

The vape juice subscription process requires you to select a bunch of your favorite flavors and some flavors that you don’t want. It takes a while to complete the questions, but the effort is worth it in the end. If you are unsure of what types of flavors you’ll like, you can let Vape box select the flavors for you. We, however, picked strawberries, cereal, cream and candy flavors.

There are three options for box size featuring three, six, or eleven bottles, respectively. Before you complete your order, you can select your with vaping: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Whatever you selected allows the team to assess your vaping habits, expectations, and device you would be using.

The monthly subscription  prices for these boxes are:

  • SAMPLER PLAN                $20 for 45ml of e-liquid – 3+ bottles of e-juice
  • JUICE LOVER PLAN       $32 for 75ml of e-liquid – 4+ bottles of e-juice
  • ENTHUAST PLAN            $60 for 75ml of e-liquid /4+ bottles of e-juice /1-2 hardware and/or accessories Member-only discounts

The shipping rates within the the USA for all three boxes are reasonable as well:

  • Sampler: Shipping cost $4
  • Juice lovers: Shipping cost $5
  • Enthusiast: Shipping cost $6

The Flavors – How Was the Curation?

Variety Of Products

The company vape box clearly understands customer needs and always provided really lots of products and varieties for you.

Vape box is very proud to introduce their premium quality e-Juices & Starter Kit collections. With a VapeBox subscription and the Fresh Start Starter Kits, you’ll have everything you need to make the switch to vaping.


Here is what comes with your VapeBox SAMPLER PLAN  starter kits:

  • 2 x Batteries. Variable Voltage 650mAh Twist Batteries. 3.2-4.8 volts. To simplify the experience for you, we chose not to include the voltage markings on the battery.
  • 1 x  Tank. Stainless Steel & Pyrex Glass. Equipped with variable airflow control. Similar to Kanger AeroTank.
  • 1 x Dual coil replaceable atomizer. Uses Kanger AeroTank style replacement coils.
  • 1 x Beauty ring to elegantly connect the ZB Battery to the ZB Tank.
  • 1 x USB charging unit
  • 1 x Wall charging unit
  • 1 x White zipper carrying case

The process of ordering, as mentioned previously, is a little lengthy but straightforward. You have to choose your experience level, the flavors you want, the flavors you want to avoid, and nicotine strength, you’ll be presented with the option to select your choice of the three boxes.

It should be noted that Vapebox’s shipping prices are a little high even for regular U.S. shipping, but not prohibitive.



Vape box regularly offers deals and discounted prices, so you might find that the prices are different from what we have listed, depending on promotions. Another interesting offer – especially if you vape in groups – is that you can get one complimentary box when you order two boxes at regular price.

Monthly Billing Process

Unlike many of its competitors, Vape box has the simplest billing process. Every month the bill is calculated on the basis of the latest prices for that month.

Refund Policy

Vape box doesn’t clearly delineate their refund policy, only saying that they “will work with you to correct the situation. Depending on the situation, this may or may not result in a full refund.” Probably don’t expect to be refunded for flavors you dislike.


Vape box has kept the packaging simple, elegant and secured all at the same time. They use a lot of foam, and the product is packed in a way that no matter how badly the package is treated, you’ll still get all your bottles in perfect condition (no leakage or breakage).

As far as the usage is concerned, all bottles had a dropper with labels reflecting the flavor. You can even refill the tank for future use.

Customer Service

We contacted Vape box customer service the day after placing our order. Our email got a response within 24 hours, with a detailed solution to our issue. Their quick response and thorough resolution of our issues are very satisfactory.

Visit Vape Box and get your subscription now.


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