The electronic cigarette – a lifesaver for smokers?

The electronic cigarette was launched in China in 2006. Since then, millions of people around the world are vaping, and in doing so have made considerable savings in their health and wealth.

This article takes a look at the issues surrounding this amazing technology.

At last, high-tech smoking!

The “safe cigarette” has long been the holy grail of smokers everywhere, but the tobacco industry has never seen fit to think outside the box (or pack, in this case), and develop an alternate vaping technology.

Millions of Chinese people have vaped to the Ruyan to preserve their health, and over the last year, e-cigarette technology has steadily made inroads in countries all around the world.

They are now available in the US from Njoy, and across Europe from Sedansa and now there are lots of ecig manufacturers entering this market.

Most smokers are initially a bit skeptical about the electronic cigarette, but once they try it those doubts almost always disappear.

I have already improved my fitness – I am running 10 miles 3 times per week. I could never have done that before. My energy levels have skyrocketed, my thought processes improved – basically all the benefits of quit smoking with ecigs.

Quitters take note….

But I do want to make this very important point: Electronic smoking products are NOT nicotine replacement therapy or smoking cessation devices in the clinical sense.

There is currently no evidence at all that they are beneficial to those who want to break the addiction – some unscrupulous sellers are claiming that they have a “four steps program” and so forth, but this is just make-believe.

There are clinical studies taking place in New Zealand – but I’m pretty sure that they will show no benefit at all.



Get an e-cigarette – If you want to break your addiction, please try the myriad of other quitting methods – and don’t stop trying


Beating the Smoking Ban

Yes, it’s legal in all public places.

Ok, before I look at the law, I want to make something clear. I am completely in favor of legislation that bans smoking in public places and protects people from secondary smoke – although I do think some exceptions could be made. But the electronic cigarette does not give off any emissions that could harm those around the user.

If I thought it did, I would not spread the word about it being a way to bypass the law.

How things stand

If you look at the wording of any act of law, in one chapter or another it has to define its terms.

Therefore, in laws against smoking, the very term smoking must be defined. This is good for e-smokers because, as it stands, all the Acts I have seen define smoke and smoking in such a way that they could not be interpreted to include e-cigarettes.

To cut this short (I will be writing an article devoted entirely to the law and e-cigarettes), smoke is produced by one of two reactions – combustion or pyrolysis.

The e-cigarette, however, simply vaporizes the solution (which contains harmless food-grade materials and nicotine)- there is no oxidization or reaction of any sort that occurs, however….

Be polite!

This is not a green light to simply pull out your e-cigarette and start puffing in bars, clubs, and restaurants. If in doubt as to the policy of premises (and at the moment you almost certainly will be) do check with the owner.

From my personal experience, bar managers’ and club owners’ reactions are likely to be surprise and interest, even if they decide not to let you use it on their premises.

The electronic cigarette is so new that most people haven’t heard of it just yet – and owners of public places are likely to be very jumpy when someone appears to be smoking on their premises.

How the E-cigarette works

The latest silicon chip and battery technology that makes the e-cig possible

The electronic cigarette is a real marvel of hi-tech engineering.

It consists of three main segments:

Atomizing chamber


The nicotine solution is contained in a disposable cartridge which comes attached to a mouthpiece. The solution contains water, flavorings, nicotine and propylene glycol – the active substance which enables the solution to become a smokelike mist.

The Atomizing Chamber

At the core of the chamber is the atomizer – a small section of wire-wool type material that turns the nicotine solution into vapor as it is drawn through by suction.

The atomizing section is attached to the battery via a brass screw fitting which also conducts the electricity across.

The Battery

The energy required to produce the mist is considerable, and it is only in the last couple of years that batteries have become powerful enough that they can be made small enough to be a reasonable-sized component of the e-cigarette.

The battery provides power to the atomizer when the sensitive pressure sensor (also contained in the battery) is activated by the user sucking air through.

And controlling the function of the whole device is a silicon chip made by Motorola that ensures that it self-cleans routinely every 1500 puffs, and controls the user feedback via the LED at the end of the cigarette.

The best electronic cigarettes on the web

Tried and tested by my good self.

I have owned several models of e-cigarette so far, and have linked to some of them below. These companies offer full guarantees on their products and will replace any faulty items ASAP.

Njoy e-cigarette 

NJOY offer unparalleled quality e-cigarettes and customer service.

They currently have a cigar and cigarette style device, both very competitively priced.

E-cig China

E-cig offer a large variety of products competitively priced.

They aren’t great quality – many users have reported breakages, and the vapor is a bit thin.

The customer service is good, though, and faulty items are replaced quickly. Perhaps a good choice for those low on dough who just want to give it a try.

Advantages of electronic smoking products

CLEAN: Contains none of the carcinogenic chemicals that constitute cigarette smoke are in the e-cigarette vapor.

SAFE: With the exception of nicotine, all the listed ingredients are rigorously tested and certified food-safe. However, most of these ingredients have not been tested for their safety in long-term inhalation.

CHEAP: Far cheaper than smoking – savings for the average smoker are over $2000 per year.
SOCIABLE: Does not emit any smoke – just a harmless vapor that dissipates quickly and doesn’t linger and doesn’t harm those around you.

LEGAL: Beat the ban! Because of the above, e-smoking is perfectly legal in all public places where a smoking ban is in force. Some US States are trying to change their legislation to include e-cigarettes in smoking bans, however.

AUTHENTIC: Just like smoking! The sensation of smoking an e-cigarette is not doing any harm
CO FREE: No carbon monoxide whatsoever – so no issue of heat disease

FRESH: No smell! Your clothes stay fresh .

Tips for buying your first e-cigarette

Buy a named brand such as an NJOY (USA/worldwide) or a V2cig so you don’t risk getting sub-quality “gray technology”. Plus you get proper customer service, guarantee, and warranty.

Buy medium nicotine cartridges, not the max strength variety. If available, get some different flavors.
When it arrives, charge the batteries fully – just like you would with a new cell phone.

Buy an additional battery! Nothing is more frustrating than using up all the power in your batteries and being without.


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