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Step Into Spring Cleaning Season by Switching to Vaping

Spring has arrived which means that it’s time to break out those rags, cleaners, and carpet scrubbers to get rid of the dirt that has accumulated all year long. And one type of crime you shouldn’t ignore is cigarettes.

Remnants of smoking cigarettes in the home can get virtually anywhere—carpet, furniture, upholstery, chimney, ducts, and even in the walls.

Smoking not only wreaks havoc on your body but also your home. Here’s how:


There is a reason why realtors typically have a difficult time selling a house with previous owners who were smokers. Unfortunately, for those who don’t smoke, or do not like the smell of smoke inside the home, the odor of cigarettes indoors can linger for months, or even years later.

If you are walking in a park and pass by a person smoking a cigarette, chances are the smell of the smoke will be unmistakable. Now just imagine that odor contained in a closed room over an extended period of time. As you can probably guess the concentrated odor is extremely difficult to remove and usually requires the help of a professional odor remover. Even then the residual smell can persist.


The tar and ash from cigarette smoke is a primary contributor to the lingering odor, and it leaves behind a layer of dust. Ashtrays scattered around the home is helpful in reducing the buildup of dust and debris. However, not all of the ash from the tip of a cigarette will make it into a tray, and piles of ash tend to billow up easily, further spreading debris throughout your home.

Also, as you smoke, tiny grains of ash are falling from your cigarette and down into the recesses of your carpet or rug. Over time, this ash accumulates, causing odor and stains that are difficult to remove.

Health and Safety Danger

Aside from house hygiene, smoking is also a danger when done in the home. Just the odor of cigarette smoke can be a health hazard to you, your family, and guests. According to the Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) organization, “If you can smell it, it could be killing you! And even if you can’t smell it, many of these cancer-causing chemicals can never-the-less be entering your lungs.”

Cigarettes are not only a danger to personal health but safety as well. Smoking-related fires kill an estimated 900 people every year, and an additional 2,500 people are injured, including children and nonsmokers.

There are hundreds of flammable materials in a modern home and just one slip up can result in a fire. People who smoke in bed are especially at risk of setting a fire since they have a higher chance of falling asleep and dropping the cigarette while it is still burning.

Keep Your Home Clean with Vaping

Give your house (and body) a deep cleaning this spring and switch to vaping. Vaping offers a safe alternative to satisfy nicotine cravings and retain the comfortable habit of smoking without exposing your home to dirt, grime, odor, and toxins.

Instead of smoke, vaping emits harmless and odorless water vapor which evaporates in the air leaving no residue or film on your furniture, carpet, or clothes.

Plus, vaping comes in an assortment of flavors from sweet to natural tobacco giving you the option of customizing your experience. Who knew cleaning could be so enjoyable?

If you haven’t already, browse through cape vaping supplies and order a vape starter kits with a 120ml supersize bigfindeal e juice. Try it out. Your body and your home will thank you.


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