Best Pastry E-Liquids Review

You’ve read lots of best dessert e-liquids, but here we have collected the best pastry e-liquids for you with best price and size.

One of the most significant features about these e-liquids are the incredible cake flavors that are not easily available. Ejuice Connect is a company that specializes in selling the best e-liquids and is storing the best e-liquid collection by offering people original and unusual pastry flavors to taste. Unlike nicotine cigarettes, you aren’t held to one particular flavor/taste. Instead, companies are getting more and more creative with their mixes and you can, of course, make your combinations with the following pastry flavors if you like.

These e-liquids will introduce to you the exciting flavors of pastries, which users will love because they will have more and more options available to them.

Best E-Liquid Pastry Flavors

Crumbs by Pastry Boy – 60 ml

 Delicious Mixed Berry Crumb Cake with a very prominent creamy blueberry note. This pastry and cereal-like profile is a mild, savory, bready flavor the permeates through the entirety of the vape, tying the pattern together. While at first, I was not entirely satisfied with this juice, as my tasting sessions progressed, over the course of the four days I spent with the bottle, I became more and more impressed, and to be honest, towards the end, almost enamored with this juice. If you’re one for cinnamon roll liquids then this is certainly a juice worth checking out. It’s important to note that Crumbs by Pastry Boy also demonstrates a notable tolerance to the more extreme temperatures, in both my high wattage Duke set-up as well as the standard ProVari/510 dripping rig. In the Duke, I spent most of my time with it at just a hair over 30 watts. On the more reasonable side of the vaping spectrum, with my ProVari/dripping set-up, I thought Pastry Boy was at its best just short of 11 watts at 5.2v on a 2.5Ω atty. Much like the Duke at 25-30w, the heat from this set-up ekes out the Mixed Berry Crumb Cake/cinnamon/sugar profile while providing huge plumes of vapor from the VG dominant base liquid, along with a stronger than anticipated throat hit.

VG/PG: 70/30
List Price: $20.00
Savings: $9.01

Buy Now: $10.99

Strudel by Pastry Boy – 60 ml

Delicious Blueberry Strudel by Pastry Boy is another culinary surprise when it is Topped With Vanilla Bean. Thanks to Pastry Boy this delicious pastry is now available in the form of an e-liquid. Guaranteed to be your new favorite pastry vapor. The blueberry joins the Vanilla Bean at the very top of the exhale, cutting through the rich, creamy flavors with a touch of tart, fruity berry flavor resulting an almost innate sense of balance. The two flavors come together on the finish to produce a sweet, lush, creamy dessert flavor that on its own, would receive high marks, but on the finish, the final element of the profile presents itself and the “pastry” in the name clicks into place. There is a very light touch of a Koo Lada flavor that gives the finish a mild cooling sensation, simulating the difference between ice cream and cheesecake. Overall the juice is exceptionally well balanced, with a sweetness that is kept nicely in check by the mild acidity of the blueberry, producing a flavor profile that admittedly kept me coming back for “just one more vape” before finally moving on to the next vape juice waiting for review.

70 VG
List Price: $20.00
Savings: $9.01
Buy Strudel by Pastry Boy: $10.99


Pebbled Cannoli by Holy Cannoli E-Liquid – 120 ml

It’s difficult to pinpoint exact flavors in the Pebbled Cannoli by Holy Cannoli E-Liquid underneath the intensity of the cherry and pineapple. If you like juice that’s top heavy on the high notes, this one is certainly worth checking it. It’s well made, in an ISO 8 certified clean room with immaculate base liquids.

VG/PG: 70/30
List Price: $40.00
Savings: $20.01

Buy Now: $9.99


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