Cloud Alchemist’s Proserpina Review

Cloud Alchemist Flavor Note

Intoxicating pomegranate and exotic dragon fruit swirled in strawberry-banana cream



Size  10ml  30ml  120ml

Nicotine Level   0mg  1.5mg  03mg  06mg  12mg

PG/VG Ratio   20pg/80vg   50pg/50vg


While it sat in the ‘Waiting to be Reviewed’ box, I kept passing on the Proserpina for more intriguing flavors, by vendors that didn’t have as many reviews posted as Cloud Alchemist’s Proserpina. Cloud Alchemists is based in Tukwila, WA. This is something of a signature juice for the store, and while their website describes it as an exotic dragonfruit with a kick, the description really does not do it justice.

I would wonder occasionally what the flavoring components were, but as usual, my attention would be quickly drawn away by something else. Just the other day, I saw the Proserpina again, and this time it beckoned me. I picked it up, screwed on a fresh atomizer, and while I was unsure of exactly what I should be expecting, I gave it a whirl. My immediate thought was that I was sorry I had let it sit for so long. It’s incredibly fruity with a very natural tasting exotic dragonfruit flavor swirled in strawberry-banana cream playing in the profile.

Flavor Profile

The front side of the vape is juicy with sweet, ripe, and flat-out luscious strawberry flavor that just keeps going and going long after the vapor from the exhale has dissipated. While the front end is a pure, clean fruit flavor, the back side is equally fruity. It’s a bit more complex, with an enigmatic tropical banana note that, not for lack of trying, I can’t seem to nail down. The dragonfruit flavor is relatively light, adding a subtle dryness to the fruit and lending a Bellini-like quality that is clean and refreshing.

The next note in the profile is a creamy, tropical banana flavor that presents mildly on the exhale while bringing a richness to the finish that helps to balance the acidity and round out the profile. With a subtle, light fruitiness and an almost bubble-gum like sweetness to it, I’m leaning towards dragonfruit or banana on the finish, I’m getting an inkling of one or two other flavors in the mix, but I can’t quite pick out exactly what they are.

Throat Hit and Vapor

Whatever it is, it brings a delicate sweetness and tropical fruitiness that makes this already good juice, great. While some of Cloud Alchemist’s juices can withstand incredibly high wattage, I preferred Proserpina at just under 9 watts or 4.7v on a 2.5Ω atomizer which produced plenty of fruity flavors, plumes of sweet tropical vapor, and a good throat hit, that wasn’t overly strong.

After Three Days

The sweet spot here is quite wide, making it a great option for vapers who don’t yet have the luxury of variable voltage. I found that around 9.5 watts or 5.3-5.4v on a 3Ω atomizer produced a spectacularly light, sweet, fruity flavor, with creamy clouds of vapor. While the throat hit is on the lighter side of the spectrum, that’s not unusual or unexpected from such a fruit forward juice.

Overall Thoughts

There’s something that might be a touch of cherry, as well as a sweet, light, and tropical something else. Whatever flavor it happens to be, it compliments the strawberry & banana beautifully and makes for an overall vape that is (please forgive the use of the cliched, overused descriptor) mouth-watering. I have to believe that this is not a reaction unique to myself. It quite literally causes my mouth to water and continues to keep me coming back for more.

About Cloud Alchemist

Cloud Alchemist is a privately owned and operated e-liquid company, which gathered together the expertise of people with a long history in the flavor business and flavor creation. They can be your one-stop source for all your premium e-liquid needs.  Cloud Alchemist develops and manufactures some amazing flavors, along with full mixes of the best e-juice that will for sure satisfy the most demanding criteria and meet or exceed all expectations. With Cloud Alchemist as your partner, you can expect timely and professional service that is competitively priced. Cloud Alchemist welcomes the opportunity to work with their customers and present them with an array of unique products.

Grab some here at $19.99 for 30ml!



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