Review of Smoant Charon 218W


The Smoant Charon has a really nice platform design. The pin that is attached to the device is springy and the threading is buttery smooth. You can use an atomizer that is 25mm and lower on this device. This superb electronic cigarette works well with anyone who uses it.

The battery cover of this device can be located at the side of its body. A leather sticker covers it and the battery door slides into the mod smoothly to cover the batteries. The battery door is securely attached to the device with strong magnets and it does not wiggle at all. There is a vent at the top and bottom of the battery cover and you easily can grip the device with because of the sticker covering the battery door. The battery door trim is a brushed stainless steel.

You will see that there is a clear orientation on the battery tray. The contacts of the tray look to be brass or gold plated. When you check on the device’s bottom the contacts are spring loaded and the top contacts are stationary. The battery is sure to be in place because of the spring on the mod. The battery ribbon makes it easy to take out the batteries from the device.

Along the sides of the mod are venting holes. These are cut out to be rectangular in shape and these have some screen at the back. You also will notice that the fire button is very responsive. The plus and minus buttons are shaped like a parallelogram and these have the same feel as the fire button. You can see a plus and minus button on the device. These are used for update/charge ports.

Design and Quality 

Once you get a hold of the Smoant Charon, you will notice right away that it has a very sexy look. This leather sticker definitely gives the device an easy grip. You may find that there will be more door stickers to be available in the future but this one is built with high-quality materials and sure makes your device look good. The Smoant Charon does not look cheap and feels good in your hands.

The device uses the ANT 218 which has been designed by Smoant and the board is upgradable. This chipset has no delays and fires your tank right away. This mod also has a full temperature control suit.


You can power up the device with two 18650 batteries and the mod is 91mm by 25mm by 53mm in size. You need to purchase the batteries of this mod separately. The body of this device is made of zinc alloy and is of high-quality leather. The Charon functions well with wattages between 1-218W and the temperature mode supports Ni200 Nickel, Stainless Steel, and Ni-chrome. The range of temperature for this mod can be between 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The battery is easy to replace because of the device’s magnetic back cover. The firmware is upgradeable and the batteries can be charged through the USB port. This mod weighs 195g without the batteries.

This device features a low resistance protection. Aside from this protection, your device is also safe to use since it has the overtime, reverse polarity, and overheating protection. There are several colors to choose from when you want to purchase the Charon. You can choose from copper, gold, black, and stainless steel. There are also a variety of designs for the mod. You are able to choose from Hell’s Angel, Thor’s Hammer, Brazing Skull, Evil Wolf, and Camo colors.

What’s In The Box

Once you purchase the product, you get one Smoant Cahron 218W and a USB cable. You also get the user manual included in the box.


This device is very glamorous and can easily be operated. The Smoant Charon 218W also has a very classy design. You can see that there is a diversity of colors to choose from when you buy the mod. The great thing about it is you can get what color you desire the most. The device is very affordable for only $45.99. You get the best value for your money when you purchase this mod.



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