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Ripple Vape Kit by Wellontech Review

The Ripple Vape Kit is known for its skin sensing feature. This Wellon device is also getting praises for its compact design and portability. Also, the device is suitable for vaping different e-liquids including nicotine salt e-liquids and CBD vaping oil.

General Description

The Ripple pod system has a 2ml capacity and is powered by a 650mAh battery.  This is one of the best refillable pod vape devices on the market. The Ripple pod is designed with ceramic coils that have a resistance or 1.4 ohms. The Ripple measures 80 x 30.5 x 16.5 mm with a weight of 48 g.

The biggest feature of this vaping device is its skin sensing technology.  The mouthpiece can sense your skin via the metal contact on both sides where your lips make contact. Take note that if your skin touches the two metal strips, it can trigger it to fire up.


Ripple comes in a very nice box complete with descriptions and instructions. Aside from the unit itself, the package also comes with a micro-USB cable and a manual.  The Ripple is available in Silver, Black, Champagne Gold, and Rose Gold color.


Hold the mouthpiece and take the pod out of the tank.  Magnets at the bottom of the tank and pod are the only ones holding them. Just give it a firm yank, and it will come off. Then unscrew the top portion. Pour your e-juice down and screw the top back again once it’s filled up.  Return the mouthpiece and slide it back to the magnet at the bottom.

Don’t let the e-juice reach the MAX level. Just keep it a few millimeters below the line. This will prevent any accidental spillage once you start vaping.

A small light at the bottom of the pod lights up once your skin or lips come into contact with the mouthpiece. There a window at the side of the tank that allows you to see if you’re almost out of e-juice and need to refill. On the other side of the pod is a power light and USB charging port.

Inhale and Airflow

You could use the Ripple for direct lung or mouth-to-lung vaping. With regards to airflow, the atomizer has four holes. The airflow is not too tight or

A solution proposed by some vapers is to tape the two of those airflow holes. The flavor did taste better with a restricted airflow. But this will come at the expense of your coil. Some observed that the coil gives up after you vape half of the e-juice in the tank.

Vape Production and Flavor

The main benefit of owning a Ripple Vape pod kit is its portability and handiness. You can vape this anywhere. As for the flavor, it doesn’t give out the best flavor. But you can view it is a trade-off since you can take this anywhere you go.

The Ripple gives you a substantial amount of vapor. However, you will probably have to change the coil every two or three days. If you don’t replace it, the e-juice will start to taste funny. For heavy cloud chasers, this is probably not the device you’re looking for.


Ripple has a 650mAh battery. It can last a day for more for normal usage. But for heavy users, it’s highly like to last a day before the need to charge arise. The charger cable, however, is a nice flat one. The design prevents it from getting tangled up. On the plus side, battery charging is only an hour maximum.


Overall, the Ripple pod kit is an innovative device. It allows you to use your atomizer discreetly. You can just put it in your pocket or bag and vape when you got the urge. For more details about the mod, visit the Wellon Tech website.


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