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LUX: The Best Refillable Pod System by Wellon Tech

The LUX by Wellon Tech has an attractive design and looks cool. Here is what is included in the package: the LUX unit, a USB charger, two cartridges, and a manual. When you take a close look at this device, it becomes clear that Wellon Tech went to great lengths to make it eye-grabbing.


The LUX pod is available in four colors; champagne gold, silver, black, and rose gold. The finishing of the device feels smooth, but it is not slippery.


You won’t have any issues holding this pod even if you’re vaping non-stop for hours. That’s how light the LUX is. Also, the finishing on the device does not easily scratch. This vape pen is a lot sexier than other mouth-to-lung devices out there. If you’re vaping this in public, you won’t feel any awkwardness. The device looks small and doesn’t stand out in sight. What’s more, it is easily concealable.


Wellon Tech’s LUX pod comes with a 450mAh built-in battery. When fully charged, this vape device can last up to six hours of heavy vaping. This means that this vape pod is suitable for vaping all day. If you need to recharge it, just plug in with the micro USB cable. The only issue I have with the cable is that the wire is short. However, it is a flat wire so it won’t get tangled up.

Unfortunately, this is not a fast charging device. You need to wait almost two hours to get it fully charge again. But since you can use this to vape all day, the charging time is a small price to pay. Even while charging you can still use this device since it supports pass-through.

Refillable Cartridge

The LUX is one of the best refillable pod vape systems on the market today. This is an open system pod. You can use it to vape any e-liquid that you want. This is one of its major advantages that the LUX has over the other vape pods.  You do not have to cough up some serious cash for any exclusive e-juice to vape with this device.  It is no surprise that the LUX is quickly popularity among both new and experienced vapers.

The cartridge that comes with the LUX is equipped with a ceramic coil.  The coil does a wonderful job of giving you a clean flavor. The vapor production of this e-liquid is not bad too considering its size and power capacity. Admittedly, it’s not the best in terms of vapor production, but it isn’t too bad. The ceramic coil that comes with the LUX pod can certainly last for a long time. You can probably expect each coil to last three to four refills before you need to change it.

How to Refill

Refilling the LUX is no different from any vape pods.  Remove the cartridge first, and then take the mouthpiece out. At the bottom of the cartridge, you’ll see three holes. Push the tip of your e-liquid bottle into either hole on the side. Don’t put the e-juice in the center hole. Before assembling the LUX pen back, make sure to remove any excess fluids on the cartridge and mouthpiece. The gurgling sounds you hear while vaping is probably the leftover e-juice you haven’t clean out.


Wellon Tech’s LUX is a portable vape pen that can handle hours of heavy vaping. This is the kind of vaping device that you can take while traveling. While driving, you can just plug in the LUX and enjoy vaping on the road. To know more about the LUX, visit the Wellontech official website.


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