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CBDfx CBD Terpenes Oil Review: Pineapple Express Flavor

First, you have heard about CBD vape pens… and now, there are CBD terpenes pens. Many people are curious about how the two are similar and different from each other. Today, we are going to find that out.

Terpenes are actually another chemical component found in any plant. This is responsible for the scent a plant gives off. From the smell of floral bouquets and lemon pines to mint and berries, these are terpenes at work. Even in the cannabis plant, where both CBD and THC are derived, terpenes are present and are produced by the same gland.

According to studies, there are over 20,000 kinds of terpenes, and the cannabis plant produces at least 100 of them. This explains why the Super Silver Haze marijuana plant has a citrus aroma smell, while its Northern Lights and Haze parents taste earthy and pungent.

So… how do all these facts connect to CBD?

Anecdotal evidence revealed that each terpene found in the cannabis plant promote certain bodily effects. It said that they may determine how a strain can affect your body and mind. They are also believed to have a unique effect on the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for many sensory experiences and target various conditions. Some research showed it can improve focus and acuity. Others also claimed it can promote better sleep, relax the muscle, and stimulate a happy feeling.

But this is its most interesting role. Many studies have found that terpenes have the ability to promote an “entourage effect.” Some research found that when CBD and terpenes are combined together, they produce a stronger effect. In addition, cannabis-extracted terpenes can reportedly help CBD pass through the bloodstream easily and lower the blood-to-brain barrier.

Full-spectrum CBD means both CBD and terpenes are still present and intact during processing. This means there are more for the body to benefit. Now, one of the few brands I know that offer full-spectrum CBD and terpenes is CBDfx. The company has a good amount of this collection available on its website, CBDfx.com.

You can enjoy terpenes oil in 50mg vape pens with the flavors of Platinum Rose, Pineapple Express, Gelato, and OG Kush. Then, aside from the CBD terpenes pens, there are CBD terpenes oil available in the same flavors. Of the selection, Pineapple Express is my favorite flavor of all.

I love the summer season and the taste associated with it (think of fruity flavors). According to its website, Pineapple Express will “whisk you away to the breezy shores of a tropical island.” It may not mean literally, but this vape oil surely does bring in the flavor of summer.

The taste experience of this vape oil feels like CBDfx has invested so much effort on trying to squeeze that same delicious flavor into its clouds. Each puff of Pineapple Express will bring out the brimming flavor of pineapples with some tart and tangy twist to it. Unlike other pineapple-based e-liquids, this one does not burn your tongue. As a matter of fact, it will leave a delicate splash of a creamy finish. Of course, since this is infused with terpenes, you can just imagine the scent of the vapor coming from this vape oil. Oh so good!

It is nice to enjoy a good this exquisite pineapple flavor while putting the terpenes and CBD to work. This works a miracle on my insomnia and mild anxiety. A few puffs before bedtime and this baby will give me a good night sleep. Ever since I started using this, I have slept like a baby at night.

About 250mg of CBD terpene oil will cost you $69.99 and 500mg for $89.99. For those who do not own setup and find it expensive or time-consuming to get one, then CBD terpenes pen will make a good choice. Each pen contains 50mg of totally organic, full-spectrum CBD. It does not require any charging or complicated instructions. One piece only costs $19.99. A 4-pack pen featuring the four different flavors is also up for grabs for only $69.99. This is the best way to pick which flavor will best suit your taste buds.

Visit CBDfx website now that you know what terpenes are for.


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