How to Steep Vape Juice

New e-liquids flavors are released almost every day. There are a variety of e-liquid brands and flavors available on the market. However, experienced vapers know that you must be careful in choosing e-liquids. Besides knowing the best brands to choose from, vapers have to know other things. One of the most important knows how for vapers to be aware of is steeping. Knowing how to steep your premium e-liquids will come in handy for any person interested in vaping.

There are many reasons why steeping is necessary.Steeping gives your e-liquids a well-balanced taste. Not all manufacturers steep their vape juice blends before they are sold. As a result, some e-liquids do not taste as good as they could because the different flavors have not mixed well. The main ingredients in vape juice blends are vegetable glycerin (VG, propylene glycol (PG), nicotine, flavoring. All these components have different densities, so steeping allows them to mix properly.

There are many ways to steep an e-juice. One of the easiest methods is to allow the bottle of vape juice to sit in a cool, dark place for a while. You need to shake the e-liquids from time to time while it steeps. You could also leave the bottle of e-liquid opened while it steeps so it can be exposed to air. This is believed to accelerate the process of steeping.

On average, most vapers let their e-liquids steep for at least two weeks. However, the amount of time to allow an e-liquid steep varies greatly. There is a general rule that vapers should not let a fruity vape juice steep for more than one week. However, e-liquids that have tobacco flavor can be steeped for an extended period of time. It is vital to note that no e-liquid should be steeped for more than four weeks.

This is a simple technique for steeping e-liquids. First, place the bottle of e-liquid in a dark box that light cannot enter. This opaque box should then be placed in a place that is cool and dark. For the best results, it is advisable to shake your bottle of e-juice once a day while it steeps. Also, remove the cover of the bottle for some time daily. Finally, observe the color of the e-liquid. The color of e-liquids tends to change as they steep.

When you vape an e-liquid that has not been steeped, and one that has, the difference is quite apparent. Steeped e-liquids tend to taste better and have smoother throat hits.