Crown 3 Replacement Coils by Uwell Review
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Crown 3 Replacement Coils by Uwell Review

With the influx of options for the many vapers around, only some manufacturers top the list with their unique and efficient products. Uwell comes out as one of the top-class manufacturers of vape devices. You cannot have a Uwell and go wrong. In some instances, it could be a little bit hard to find their products in just about any vape store.

Uwell Crown 3 is the newest version of the Uwell Crown sub-ohm vape tank. The tank alone is an impressive device that will sweep you off your feet with its exciting features and breathtaking performance. The tank itself has a 5ml e-juice capacity which is also larger than its previous versions, as well as many other comparable vape devices in the market. Its sturdy and stainless steel chassis lends the device itself an even more classy look and feel. It is absolutely the right vape device for every type of vaper. Not as complicated to use as you might think, yet delivering you with breathtaking vape sessions.

Crown 3 Replacement Coils by Uwell Review

Uwell Crown 3 coils feature a comfortable plug-and-play configuration. The coils feature parallel builds that offer different ohm options. Each option features a specific range of wattage. With the 0.25ohm, you get a range of wattage from 80-120W. The 0.5ohm offers you a range from 30-80W, and the 1.2ohm offers you a range from 10-30W. So with the Uwell Crown 3 coils, you get to choose and experience a different vape experience, keeping your vape life constantly exciting with an endless array of options. You can easily take the coils for a 100W spin and not burn it out. So if you are thinking of experimenting, then Uwell Crown 3 coils are ideal for that.

The coils are designed to ensure optimum flavor output with the use of high-grade stainless steel/Ni200 Nickel and organic cotton. This combo allows the coils to produce smooth and pure flavor resulting in clean and satisfying clouds of vapor. With this version, Uwell has noticeably improved on the vapor size and production without suffering the flavor quality even a little. This is a result of improved airflow control. By shutting off the airflow or reducing it to a bare minimum, you get smaller clouds with an even much better throat hit and flavor output.

Grab your best e-liquid, load it up in this device and take a cruise to vape heaven.

You may need to get replacement coils to substitute the ones that come in the device’s kit for many reasons, including the fact that that you always have one to run to in case anything happens. The replacement coils are just as good as the ones that come with the Kit courtesy of Uwell. The replacement coils for the Crown 3 vape device by Uwell come four in a pack.

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