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Review of Hyde Edge

Vaping is becoming more appealing everyday. Today, there are a lot of portable disposable pod systems to choose from for a smooth and long-lasting vaping experience. Vapes have proven to be more reliable and safer than traditional cigarettes with lower risk factors. Today, people looking to switch from smoking cigarettes can simply pick up a vaping device. There are many disposable pod system on the market today, one of them is the Hyde Edge.

You can get the Hyde Edge at the Black Vapors online store for only $12.95. This vape shop is known for its bargain prices and discount offers. For example, you get 10% off your first order at this store.

The Hyde Park disposable pod system is designed to be able to hold more e-liquid than the average pod system. It comes with a prefilled e-liquid capacity of 6ml. The battery capacity of the Hyde Edge is 1100 mAh. This device will give you approximately 1500 puffs from this device before you’ll need to dispose it. You can vape for a very long time before it runs out of e-liquid and the battery dies.

The Hyde Edge disposable vape comes with 50mg worth of nicotine. And you get to make your choice from about 16 different flavors. These tasty flavors include Pink Lemonade, blue razz, cherry lemonade, honey few punch, spearmint, peach mango watermelon, lush ice, mango ice, strawberries and cream, pineapple ice, banana ice, strawberry banana, pineapple peach mango, aloe grape, blue razz ice and neon rain. These e-liquids are sure to thrill your taste buds.

When you order from Blackout Vapors, you can expect the product(s) to be delivered within 2-3 working days.


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