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A Review of Some of My Favorite STLTH Pods

With so many unflavored and flavored STLTH pods out there, choosing one that best fits your tastes can be a daunting task. This post was created to help you get started as I tell you about some of my favorite pods in the STLTH collection.

Savage Pineapple Lemon Stlth Pods for $13.00

Pineapple Lemon STLTH Pods have a sweet pineapple flavor with a sour lemon undertone!

Savage Orange Mango Guava Ice Stlth Pods for $13.00

Savage Orange Mango Guava pods contain a fusion of ripe, juicy oranges paired with sweet guava juice and sun-ripened mango slices. These Savage flavor pods are refreshing and highly enjoyable.

Savage Power Stlth Pods for $13.00

STLTH Power pods by Savage is reminiscent of the taste of an energy drink. It has a sweet and sour taste with undertones of green grapes.

Savage Grape Apple Ice Stlth Pods for $13.00

Power STLTH Pods from Savage e-juice gives you the taste of fresh apples with a touch of menthol and subtle undertones of green grape. The flavor is captivating and there’s some depth to it.

STLTH pods come in a pack of three and they’re specifically designed for the STLTH pod system. Each pods contains 2ml of e-juice. These pods aren’t refillable so once they’re done you have to toss them out and use a new one. STLTH pods are available with three nicotine strength levels: standard Salt Nic (20mg/ml), Bold35 hybrid (20mg/ml), and Bold50 hybrid (20mg/ml). The nicotine concentration, draw-activation, and tight mouth-to-lung draw of the STLTH pods mimic the experience of smoking cigarettes. This makes them perfect for people who are transitioning from smoking cigarettes.

You can get these pods and many others at the Hazetown Vapes online store.

How to Prevent Flavor Fatigue

One of the most common complaints among regular e-cigarette users is flavor fatigue or vaper’s tongue. While no one has come up with a single viable remedy for vape tongue, my research reveals that there are several possible causes for someone’s inability to detect the entire range of flavor in an e-liquid.

Prevent Taste Bud Exhaustion

Taste exhaustion is thought to occur for one of two reasons: either you’ve had too much of a single strong flavor, or you’ve consumed too many similar — but not identical — flavors and can no longer distinguish between them. These identical situations can lead to vape tongue when using e-cigarettes. Remedies include:

Keep yourself hydrated

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, the fundamental ingredients in e-liquids, can absorb and trap water. This can result in a dry mouth and, eventually, dehydration. These factors can make it more difficult to detect flavors on their own. Dehydration is exacerbated by the oily film that can form on the tongue, masking the taste buds when you vape. In these cases, not only should you drink more water, but you should also consider reducing your vaping. You could discover that this helps with vape mouth and a range of other issues.

Only use one e-liquid at a time.

Vape tongue can develop due to consuming too many different e-liquids in a short time. Some people, for example, have a collection of tanks or cartomizers packed with all of their favorite tastes and can lead to a situation where you can’t tell the small differences between different e-liquids and can only taste the base notes, similar to what happens when you sample a lot of different perfumes at once. Try to keep the number of varieties to a minimum.

Brush Your Teeth

The oily chemicals in e-liquid, along with a lack of appropriate hydration, can cause a sticky film to build inside the mouth, as I explained earlier. As one can expect, this can seriously diminish one’s sense of taste. When your mouth is constantly filled with vaporized vegetable glycerin, it is crucial to maintain good oral hygiene. Consider incorporating a tongue scraper into your oral hygiene kit to help break up the film while also eliminating dead cells, food particles, and bacteria.

Do a taste bud reset

A good palate cleanser may be all that is required to cure vape tongue in certain e-smokers. Water, milk, coffee, tea, lemons, lemon sorbet, dark chocolate, and pickled ginger are the most popular palate cleansers.


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