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Best Budget Vapes in 2022 in North America

E-cigarette or vaping has become increasingly prevalent worldwide. For those who wants to get a sense of what vaping is or try out a new trending concept, I believe you would die for a vaping product that introduces you to the vaping world at a low cost. Today, I want to introduce two products to meet your desperate need.

  1. The first best budget vape I would like to recommend is VINCI Q pod by VOOPOO. VINCI Q pod is introduced at the end of 2021 as a new addition to the VINCI series. Priced at $14.99, VINCI Q pod is a compact and budget device that’s great for both those who are new to vaping and do not want to spend a bunch on buying a new device.

VINCI Q Pod has a stunning appearance. It comes with 6 macaroon colors: ceramic white, crystal blue, seagull grey, charming pink, vibrant orange and mossy green. The stunning appearance gives a feeling of youth and energy and makes you the chic one among your peers. More importantly, its wear-resistance and fall-resistance external packaging offers double protection to maintain the stunning appearance.

One of the important features is their double-activation system. The device gets activated by either pressing the button or auto draw, giving vapers options to choose from. It comes with battery of 900mAh, allowing you to enjoy it all day without charging. And last, for those who have already bought VINCI pod series or NANO 2, VINCI Q pod is compatible with these two product series.

  1. The second best budget vape on my recommendation list is Vapresso’s XROS MINI. Priced at $19.99, Vapresso has defined their XROS MINI as “CROSS the LIMIT”and their main customers are target ted at those who wants to first try out vaping products and MTL vapers.

For those who is a fan of durable zinc-alloy texture design, definitely try XROS MINI system. It offers a non-slip diamond texture design that brings a sense of luxury. Compared with VINCI Q pod, it only has one way of vaping which is draw activation. However, it equips itself with 1000mAh and offers a longer usage time. Regarding the compatibility, like VINIC Q, it is also compatible with the whole XROS family.

Concluding thoughts:

After going through the low-budget product lists, the above two products stand out due to their low price and decent quality. If you ask me you only have 20 dollar, which one would I suggest to buy. I would definitely recommend VINCI Q pod as it provides you with additional feature of double-activation system and more chic appearance with a lower price. Both gives you a MORE comprehensive experience of vaping world.


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