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Allo Ultra 4500 Fuji Apple Ice Disposable Vape Review

Allo ultra 4500 is the newest sensation in the vaping scene, and for good reasons. The vape oozes quality, convenience, and style. Its highly compact nature adds to its appeal as vapers can take it anywhere without drawing much attention. The vape fits on the palms of the hands, pockets, and backpacks, making them an excellent choice for vapers who are always on the go.

The vape device is made in a superior design with a shallow mouth opening that locks lips, avoiding leaks during the vaping session. Once you add this vape to your collection, do not be surprised if it becomes your go-to device. This review looks at the top features that set this device apart from the rest, thus making your vape online shopping more seamless.


E-juice capacity and Puff count

Allo ultra 4500 Fuji disposable vape has a 10ml e-juice capacity that lasts through all the 4500 puffs. Due to its disposable nature, this vape is non-refillable. This means that you no longer have to worry about messy refills, device maintenance, or replacements. Simply enjoy the vape juice and dispose of the gadget according to local rules.

Shape and appearance

Allo ultra Fuji disposable vape comes in a beautifully designed shape that perfectly fits into the palm of your hand, allowing the thumb to go over the mouth of the vape for easy control of airflow.

Recharge ability

Allo ultra 4500 Fuji disposable vape is rechargeable and uses the USB port found at the bottom of the device for a Type-C charger. This feature ensures continuous vaping sessions even after the charge has run out.

Draw activation mechanism

Allo ultra 4500 Fuji disposable vape uses the draw-activation mechanism that ensures no use of button pressers to fire up the device. The process of firing up the vape is by quickly inhaling the first draw, and this feature promotes the device’s convenience.

Nicotine Strength

Allo ultra 4500 Fuji disposable vape has a 20mg /ml nicotine strength to ensure your nicotine satisfaction with every draw.

Battery capacity

Allo ultra 4500 Fuji disposable vape has a powerful integrated battery of 550mAh capacity that fires up to 4500 puffs giving lengthy and continuous vaping sessions.


Allo ultra 4500 Fuji disposable vape has perfectly crafted flavors that are professionally blended to give fruity tastes with a long-lasting impression on your taste buds. These flavors range from fresh fruity flavors to fruity flavors with an icing topping. The Allo ultra 4500 Fuji disposable vape flavors are peach, blue raspberry ice, and blueberry ice.


If you are looking for an affordable, highly convenient, sleek-looking device to add to your collection of disposable vapes, then this Allo ultra 4500 Fuji disposable vape is your device of choice. This disposable vape Canada is most conveniently developed by the Allo company and shows that you enjoy lengthy and satisfying vaping sessions. I highly recommend you add this vape to your vapes, and it will slowly turn into your all-time go-to vape authentically through its quality features.

Where to purchase the Allo ultra 4500 Fuji disposable vape

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