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Ghost Delta 11 Disposable Vape Review

Ghost extracts is an impeccable brand of cannabis extracts founded in 2014 and has worked towards providing high-quality products in the industry. The company uses high technology and professional mixologists to produce great extracts. Ghost extracts has, without a doubt, emerged the best company in the production of hemp products and extracts.  Ghost extracts products are produced in California and distributed worldwide to meet the needs of all hemp consumers. Ghost extracts is your definite answer for all products related to hemp.

Delta 11 is the most recent and most innovative product by ghost extracts. It is made in the latest technology and high-quality processes. Delta 11 is a convenient device that has showered the market with its goodness rendering all other products vague. Delta 11 disposable vape is an excellent addition to everyone’s vaping experience.



Without a doubt the ghost delta 11 disposable vape is a convenient device considering the ease of disposal as soon as the pre-filled distillate is depleted. With this device, there is no need to refill the distillate and that helps you avoid messy refill procedures. Delta 11 disposable vape allows you to enjoy a long vaping session without worrying about where to find a refill.

Size and shape

Ghost delta 11 disposable vape is small in size, perfectly fitting into the palm of your hand. This quality makes it easy to move around with the device and saves you worries on where to store it. With its perfect size ghost delta 11 disposable vape doesn’t require you to carry extra bags for its storage.

Battery capacity

The battery capacity in a device ultimately determines the longevity of its single usage. Ghost delta 11 disposable vape has a battery capacity of 280mAh, strong enough to fire the device and support long vaping sessions. You can be sure to get amazingly cloudy puffs over a long period of time.

Distillate capacity

Ghost delta 11 disposable vape has a capacity of 1.8gm of distillate that ensures great puff production. The distillate is made by perfectly blending delta 11 and strain specific terpenes to attain specific flavors.


Ghost delta 11 disposable vape is made using the best mixologist technology and by professionals in flavor. Ghost extracts uses the finest ingredients couples with a wholesome technology to create unique tastes.

Animal mintz

This is a minty strain made by mixing animal cookies and sin mint cookies to create a sweet smell.

Blackberry Kush

This strain is a perfect blend of Afghani strain and blackberry and gives relaxing effects.

Hippie crusher

A combination of wedding crasher strain and Kush mints and is an indica strain. Gives absolute relaxation.

Sojay haze

A perfect blend of grape FX strains and BC Big bud and it gives a citrus aroma.


This strain gives a taste of strawberry and banana blend. It is a sativa strain with peaceful effects.


Regardless of your preferred brand as a vaper, this ghost delta 11 disposable vape should always be in your list of favorites.

Where to purchase the Ghost delta 11 disposable vape

You can purchase the Ghost delta 11 disposable vape at Superstrain for $19.98. The store stocks a wide range of cannabinoid-based products from reputable brands, such as Cake. Visit the site for multiple deals and discounts, including free shipping for orders above $100.


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